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What am I eating this week?

This week, I've been enjoying these delicious sweet potato and chickpea patties. They are suitable for vegans and are so easy and yummy that anyone can eat them! Although it looks like a potato, the sweet potato is from a different botanical family. There are over 400 varieties and they are native to Central America, being brought over to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese explorers back in the 16th century. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carotenes (antioxidants - compounds that help protect against free radical damage), vitamins C and B6. They also contain manganese, copper, biotin, vitamin B2 and fibre. Although they are a starchy vegetable, sweet potatoes may actually help to sta

Vitamin D-lightful!

The nights are drawing in and the temperature's cooling - autumn is on the way, and with it the need to start thinking about our health in the cooler months. I will be talking about different things that we need to consider as autumn approaches, but today I wanted to highlight vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for many reactions in the body, but is especially supportive of bone health. Vitamin D deficiency is thought to be a factor in many chronic diseases. Our bodies make vitamin D by the action of the sun on our skin. This summer we have experienced unprecedented amounts of sunshine, and hopefully we have been able to enjoy the sun with our skin exposed to ensure optimal levels of vitamin D

Investigating the cost of healthy eating for families

Last week I wrote about how upset I was to learn that low-income families cannot afford to eat healthily. I have investigated this by doing two grocery shops – both for a family of four (2 adults and 2 school-age children) – one with a healthy menu and one unhealthy. This was not quite so straight-forward as I thought, so I set myself rules in order that the results are as fair as possible. I devised both menus based on food diaries from my own archive of client data. The grocery shops only included food items for one week’s worth of meals. Only the cheapest available product in each category was to be used. I aimed to match the meals in terms of type, e.g. home-made spaghetti bolognaise v.

Back to school

The summer holidays are nearly over, and a new term is upon us. Amongst the usual pre-term preparations, such as buying new school shoes and stocking up on stationery, have you given a thought to what your child will be eating during the school day? During term time, children spend most of their waking hours at school. Ensuring your child is getting properly nourished can help them to concentrate better, retain information and get the most out of their school days. It might seem like the easiest option to give your child some jam on white bread with a packet of crisps, but a few simple swaps might make the difference between a child who can’t focus in the afternoon and a child who has enough