November 29, 2018

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a workshop on supporting immunity with nutrition. "Quite timely", I thought as three people were coughing and spluttering in my carriage on the way to the event.

On average, an adult gets 2-5 common colds each year and children get b...

November 27, 2018

In my line of work, I get to support people with a whole range of health issues, including weight loss, diabetes management, IBS and chronic fatigue.

There is one area, however, in which I am seeing increasingly more clients, and that is the area of eating disorders and...

November 23, 2018

Winter might mean putting on extra layers, taking longer to get ready in the morning because of everyone looking for their gloves and extra time to defrost the car, but it also means having the opportunity to make delicious soups – warming, nutritious and tasty – who s...

November 14, 2018

Who said healthy eating means giving up comforting foods like mashed potatoes?

I like to use family favourites in weekday suppers to entice everyone to eat a balanced meal.

Here is last night's supper comprising baked salmon (protein and healthy fat), mash made with pota...

November 11, 2018

There's nothing quite like a lazy Sunday morning  complete with the papers, autumn sun streaming through the windows and a healthy brunch.

This plate might look complicated, but once I had got the eggs started and someone else to stir them (thank you, daughter!), the re...

November 9, 2018

Salt is the common source of the mineral sodium, which is important in the human body for getting the correct fluid balance in the body and blood, and for nerve transmission.

Sodium deficiency is very rare, as most foods have too much added salt. Sodium is present in sm...

November 2, 2018

Fibre is the indigestible carbohydrate that is found in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lentils and beans. Humans do not have the enzymes to break down fibre, but the beneficial bacteria that are living in our guts do. They feast on the fibre and during...

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