"Mum, I'm staaaarving!!!"

December 18, 2017

If your kids are anything like mine, then they are always ravenous when they get in from school. They just want to eat anything that’s in sight – so how do you keep them happy without filling their bellies with junk?


Here are some healthy snacks to keep your kids satisfied until dinner time:

  1. Oat cakes spread with peanut butter, humus or cream cheese

  2. A bowl of tomato and lentil soup – takes 5 minutes of prep time if you use tinned toms. Make a big pot and it will last a few days

  3. Hard-boiled egg – keep a stash in the crisper drawer of your fridge

  4. Mashed avocado on a slice of wholemeal toast

  5. Chopped up veggies with humus – use baby carrots and cherry toms for a chop-free option

  6. Natural yogurt with blueberries – you could also try chopped nuts, chia seeds or sliced banana

  7. Tinned mackerel on toast

  8. And when all they want is a piece of cake,  try these yummy courgette chocolate muffins recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie



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