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"I don't have time to cook!"

Do you ever feel that you want to eat a healthy, home-cooked meal, but you have just run out of ideas or have no time?

Here's what was served up in my house last night to provide you with a little inspiration.

A piece of baked salmon, lentils and stir-fried greens, providing a good balance of protein, healthy carbs and fats, as well as a variety of micro-nutrients including vitamin K, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids as well as some fibre.

"How did you get all that done? Don't you work?"

Well, the answer is that I worked a full day yesterday and here's how the first part of my evening went, so you can see how I fitted dinner around family commitments.

5pm - Arrived home - sat down with children in kitchen for a quick chat and snack.

5.15pm - Put the lentils on to boil. Pre-heat oven. Empty dishwasher.

5.20pm - Prepared leeks, mushrooms and spring greens

5.35pm - Put washing in the dryer!! Discuss middle child's weekend arrangements with them.

5.40pm - Put salmon in oven dish, sprinkled with some tamari sauce and sesame seeds.

5.45pm - Sauté leeks and mushrooms. Help 11 year old child with homework at the same time!

5.55pm - Drain lentils and add to sautéeing vegetables. Add passata, herbs and seasoning.

6.00pm - Stir-fry spring greens quickly - add a little balsamic vinegar for some flavour. Listen to piano practice at the same time.

6.10pm - Everything is ready - serve dinner!

Obviously all families are different, have different needs, routines and timings, but I hope I have shown that preparing an evening meal from scratch needn't be overly burdensome or time-consuming.

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