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Have you recently had a set of blood test results stating that your cholesterol is high or that your blood sugar is in pre-diabetic range? Are you struggling to keep your blood pressure in healthy range? Have you been told to change your diet or you will be put on medication?

Keeping these markers in healthy range is important in reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


I work with people to put together a personalised nutrition plan to bring results back into normal range, whilst acknowledging individual’s lifestyle and requirements.

Walking Through Fields

"Dear Esther, A huge thank you. I have not only lost 20 pounds but my sugar levels have dropped to 41 and my cholesterol to 4.4, meaning I am no longer pre-diabetic."

GW, male client in his 70s with pre-diabetes


"I saw the Dr yesterday who told me that my cholesterol has gone down to 5.1 and that he sees no need to prescribe statins."

CW, female client in her 70s

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