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Corporate Health

Sickness absence costs the UK economy an estimated £15billion each year. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. If you wish to improve the well-being of your employees, help increase staff retention and productivity and reduce levels of stress and absenteeism, I can devise and implement a workplace nutrition progamme. A tailor-made package might include group workshops on healthy eating or specialised topics which can be tailored to your organisation, as well as individual nutritional therapy consultations.

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Individual Consultations

Individual nutritional therapy consultations can be offered to your employees as part of their benefits package. The focus and timings of the consultations can be adapted to suit the needs of your workplace.


Office Waiting Room

Improving Your Menus

Sometimes just making a few smart changes can have a beneficial effect on employees performance and concentration throughout the work day.


We work with your workplace caterer to improve the nutritional value of snacks and meals on offer.

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Group Workshops

A 1 hour lunchtime workshop held at your premises includes a presentation on a topic of your choice with optional demonstration/food-tasting and take-home information for attendees.


Suggested topics include:

  • Healthy ageing

  • Dealing with stress

  • Improving heart health

  • Banishing sugar cravings

  • Reducing fatigue and boosting energy

  • Improving immune health: banish winter coughs and colds

  • Improving digestion

  • Healthy eating for business travellers

  • Is healthy eating sustainable?

Please get in touch so we can discuss the needs of your organisation and employees.

Companies I have worked with or am currently working with:

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