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"Having tried and failed to lose weight for several years. Working with Esther has literally been life changing. Her positive and supportive approach coupled with excellent advice and tips has enabled me to start my weight loss journey! Would highly recommend."

TJ, female client in early 50s 

"Dear Esther, A huge thank you. I have not only lost 20 pounds but my sugar levels have dropped to 41 and my cholesterol to 4.4, meaning I am no longer pre-diabetic."

GW, male client in his 70s with pre-diabetes


"I would really recommend Esther's services. Esther looked at the whole picture, not just the nutritional side to help me make positive lifestyle changes which are with me, over a year after speaking to Esther. The weekly calls gave a real focus to my weight loss and Esther's personal analysis helped me to really understand some of my food issues and come up with solutions together to weight loss and improvements in lifestyle. Esther has a lovely personal touch and really understood my lifestyle. I would really recommend Esther. "

LM, busy mum of three young children in her 30s

"Just to let you know that your nutritional consultation were very helpful and got me back to eating a normal balanced diet.

Your professionalism was amazing.

Your weekly phone calls were of great help and I enjoyed talking to you and always felt you were listening to me which was a great support, especially as I went through some difficult times."

HH, female client in her 70s with IBS and wishing to lose 1 stone in weight

"I saw the Dr yesterday who told me that my cholesterol has gone down to 5.1 and that he sees no need to prescribe statins."

CW, female client in her 70s

"It's been great to work with you and I'm sure you'll continue to have as much success helping others as I have benefited from all your very helpful advice and knowledge."

TM, male client in his 50s for weight gain and anxiety

"I learnt how quickly, better nutrition and exercise can have a positive effect on my weight and mental well-being, and have learnt new ways of looking at healthy food. Esther was very calming, caring and knowledgeable."

CR, female client in her 50s for weight loss, normalise cholesterol profile and improve anxiety

"Esther Donoff quite literally changed my life. For about fifteen years I suffered from chronic fatigue. Apart from putting on over three stone in weight due to medication, I would have to go to bed for an hour or two every afternoon so I could continue with the rest of the day and evening. I could not stand in one place for more than 5 mins without feeling exhausted and having to go to bed. Every sniffle would result in at least a day in bed.


Thanks to Esther’s advice all that is in the past. Apart from losing two stone, I have so much energy. I can stand as long in a queue as necessary. I don’t need a sleep during the day at all. I don’t think that I’m on a diet, it’s my life now. I enjoy what I eat and don’t feel I’m missing out on anything.


Right from our first meeting I felt Esther really understood. She guided me to make some changes which fitted in with my family, allergies, intolerances and such. Esther is extremely professional at all times. I found the nutritional therapy sessions, as well as the weekly follow up phone calls very encouraging. Esther was very supportive, always asking if I had any further questions,


I have been taking vitamin C and D for a while. However thanks to Esther I added a vitamin B supplement which helped with my energy levels, as well as a supplement to help me fall asleep which I seem to need on some nights more than others.


I was encouraged not to exercise too much at first as it was using too much energy which I lacked. However as time went on I was able to add more and more exercise as my energy levels increased


I am very happy to have achieved some personal goals as well as losing weight, and as I have already said, increased my energy to a level I haven’t felt in years.


I thoroughly recommend Esther if you have any health issues that could be related to nutrition, as well as if you want to lose weight."

LE, female client in her 40s with ME and for weight loss

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