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What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the study of interactions between genes, nutrients and health. A nutrigenomics test  examines DNA to identify variants that can impact your health, but can be supported by nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Nutrigenomics enables a preventative, proactive and personalised approach to health. The test results can inform everyday decisions such as eliminating some foods or adding others - instead of a "one size fits all" approach.


I am a certified Lifecode Gx® Nutrigenomics Practitioner. 

Lifecode Gx offer a range of DNA test panels which inform

how inherited health risks can be mitigated through

personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.


My Genes

As part of my training, I took these tests myself and discovered that I have the gene that codes for efficient transport of vitamin C, and that I have a combination of genes which means that I have a reduced ability to convert beta-carotene (found in orange and green vegetables) to biologically active retinoids (preformed vitamin A), so I need to make sure to get vitamin A from animal sources or take a supplement.  My methylation report shows that my folate cycle needs support, so I need to ensure that I eat lots of foods containing folate and that I supplement with the methylated form of B-vitamins. 

I also discovered that I have a mutation which means that I don't regulate insulin so well and may be susceptible to Type 2 diabetes. This was not a huge surprise to me as there is a strong predisposition in my family to Type 2 diabetes. Regular testing at the GP shows that my blood glucose levels are nicely within normal range. My genes show that this could have been a very different story if I didn't watch my sugar intake.

As opposed to worrying about all this, I feel empowered to take things into my own hands and ensure to eat the right foods for me. 

DNA Strand

What tests are on offer?

Visit the Lifecode GX website to see their full range of products and to see some sample reports. Some reports are:

Nutrient Core - (25 genes) – this test analyses how gene variants can affect food tolerance (caffeine, lactose, gluten), appetite control, vitamin and mineral needs, blood sugar control, inflammation, blood pressure and circadian rhythm.

Metabolics - (43 genes) – this test transforms our understanding of how genes confer metabolic individuality and underpin energy regulation, longevity and healthspan. Metabolism involves many interconnected pathways that can be divided into anabolism (build up of sugars, fats, proteins and nucleic acids) and catabolism (break down of these compounds releasing energy). The balance between these processes are the key to energy metabolism. The genes in this test look at appetite regulation, nutrient sensing, sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, cholesterol, bile, mitochondria and inflammation. These aspects of metabolism are foundational to what it means to be healthy, so anyone and everyone can benefit from its detailed insights, in particular for blood glucose imbalance, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, overeating, obesity, emotional eating, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, personalising diet, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol imbalance and increasing longevity.

Methylation - (31 genes) – Methylation is the process of adding methyl groups to other molecules. It is involved in almost every metabolic process in the body, occurring billions of times every second in our cells and contributing to numerous crucial functions. Imbalances in methylation can increase susceptibility to chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, chronic fatigue, mood and psychiatric disorders, cancer and autoimmune conditions. The methylation test looks at genes in five connected pathways: folate cycle, methionine cycle, neurotransmitter cycle, trans sulphuration cycle and urea cycle.


Click here to see the most frequently asked  questions about Nutrigenomics testing


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