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Family Dietary Educator Sessions
  • Do you wish your children would make healthier choices?

  • Does every mealtime become a battleground?

  • Are you fed up with telling them to eat up their vegetables?

I am not a miracle-worker, but I do run Family Dietary Educator Sessions where I come into the family home and deliver a child-friendly talk on healthy eating - the whys, whats and hows.


I developed this service after a series of successful talks in primary schools, with very positive feedback that the children were now considering their sugar intake and eating a greater variety of foods.

Knowledge is power and when children understand why they should be eating a healthy diet, it can help them to make better food choices.

The session lasts for 60 minutes and consists of a child-friendly presentation with a mixture of scientific facts, bright pictures and simple messages. The children are encouraged to actively participate and to ask questions as we go along. During the session we play two games: one demonstrates how to put together a balanced plate of food, and the other reinforces how much sugar is in some common foods. A personalised food plan is also given to the family based on their likes, dislikes and any allergies.


The session is suitable for primary school children, but older siblings often sit in and have a chance to ask their own questions. The session costs £65 and is available in HA8 and surrounding areas. An additional charge will apply where longer travel is required.

 Feedback from parents:

"Thanks again Esther- it was a great informative talk- for me and the kids! I’m looking forward to trying out the menu options."

"They really loved it and they're already telling me to buy some purple fruit!"

"A is now making healthy breakfasts... all thanks to you!"

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