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Personalised Weight Loss Programme

Have you tried every diet under the sun? It works for a few months, then the weight starts piling back on and before you know it, you weigh more than you did at the start.

The thing with diet programmes is that they all work… for some people.














But which one will work for you?

Esther Donoff Nutrition is offering a personalised 6-month weight loss programme.

What you will get:

  • 90-minute initial nutritional therapy session to look at the underlying reasons why YOU find it difficult to lose weight (goal setting, analysis of health questionnaire, body composition analysis, food diary analysis)

  • Personalised nutrition plan designed to fit in with your lifestyle, including recipes and menus

  • Five 60-minute follow-up sessions (weigh-in, weight loss coaching, checking progress and making adjustments to the plan)

  • Motivational support by e-mail and phone (optional add-on)

All this for £360

Review from a client

"I am grateful to Esther for the support that I received with my aim of losing weight and improving my dietary intake. I felt that I was listened to and as a result Esther was able to offer valuable suggestions and alternatives to help prevent cravings and energy dips.

Esther offered a holistic approach, taking into account my work, my lifestyle commitments and how these effect me emotionally and my eating habits. My objective was to lose weight by changing my eating habits without feeling like I was on a diet and being deprived.

My weight loss has been consistent and slow. I have not felt that I have gone without. Each consultation provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon how I had been doing and the written summary sent afterwards helped me to continue and plan changes.

The weekly telephone appointments were difficult to maintain due to my work commitments.  I was given advice about supplements. I am grateful to Esther for her support and it is a lovely feeling being able to fit into clothes that I have been unable to wear for a long time.

I feel this is only the start of my journey and it is my intention to continue with the changes  I have made to my dietary habits with a view to continue to slowly lose weight and improve my well being." Lisa

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