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What am I eating this week?

Sometimes I have days when I just don’t have more than 30 minutes in the kitchen to prepare a meal, but I do have lots of smaller slots of time. One evening this week, I had just such a scenario: client sessions scattered throughout the day followed by school parents’ evening and being a chauffeur to my kids, so there really wasn’t a solid block of time to make a meal. Here’s how I got the most out of my time so that I could feed my family this meal: Starting from bottom left and then going clockwise: broccoli, baked salmon, baked potato, mushrooms and in the centre, purple carrots. After lunch, I had 10 minutes spare so I washed, chopped and sautéed the mushrooms. Around 2.30pm I washed and

What am I eating this week?

Sundays can go one of two ways in my household. We are either all doing something nice altogether, like a day out in the countryside with lots of fresh air and scenic views, but more likely we are each doing something different and either me or my husband are driving our offspring to their various activities/parties/commitments. On days like this, I like to ensure that everyone starts off well-fuelled. While Sundays can be hectic, I do have more time in the morning than on a working day and like to make a cooked brunch. Here’s what I whipped up today in about 20 minutes: Starting from bottom left and then going clockwise: scrambled eggs, mashed avocado, feta cheese, salad of baby plum tomato

Detox from choc?

Today is Dechox day!!!! What's that - I hear you say! Dechox is a nationwide challenge to give up chocolate for the month of February. Being a nutritional therapist and a chocolate lover, I am in a bit of a quandary, as the different parts of me clash over this delicious food. The message of Dechox is to look after your health, make better choices, i.e. less fatty and sugary snacks, challenge yourself and raise money through the Dechox campaign. If that's not your thing right now, then read on to find out what I think about chocolate! Chocolate is produced from the beans of the cacao tree, The cocoa beans go through a fair bit of processing before they end up in your favourite bar:drying, cl