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Reflection on the year that was more balanced

2021 was the year that was entirely lived under the shadow of Covid, but it still traversed a range of extremes, from the long winter lockdown through the gradual releasing of restrictions, the tentative first steps into freedom, the summer of near-normality, and now, as we near the year’s end, we find ourselves with reintroductions of cautions such as mask-wearing and working from home in order to enable us to continue living our lives. Surely a year of contrasts, if ever there was one.

Whilst in 2020, I embraced the Zoom culture with cookery, painting, lectures and exercise classes all online, in this past year, I have found more of a balance. The online aspect has been liberating in a way, meaning I can work and exercise from home, participating fully regardless of geographical location. However, I have loved picking up the things I missed doing in-person like book club, coffees with friends and going to the theatre. I am keeping up with some of my more enjoyable lockdown pastimes like walks with friends and yoga videos.

Technology definitely has its upsides, but the value and pleasure I get from seeing my friends, family and colleagues face-to-face is something that can never be completely replaced. If mask-wearing and vaccines means that all this can continue, then I’ll take that.


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