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Don't get left behind!

We often share a meal with extended family or friends and from time to time, I'm left with a few portions of roast chicken. With the added problem that some members of my household do not like eating leftovers, so I have to make the leftover chicken look like something completely new! Today, I used four portions of leftover chicken to make this crunchy salad. You can use whatever salad vegetables you have in the fridge, but I used a head of celery and a yellow pepper. I chopped the vegetables up, cubed the roast chicken and mixed them together in a bowl. Then I made a quick dressing by mixing 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise with some lemon juice and seasoning. I stirred the dressing into the chic

My rural eggs-perience

Over the Bank Holiday, I was fortunate to visit my “egg lady’s” farm. Nothing to do with fertility, but I have been getting deliveries of free-range eggs from Fiona Belson for the last couple of years, and I have often wanted to see her hens for myself. Fiona, and her husband, Seth, own a small-holding in Hertfordshire where they have 65 hens. On arrival Fiona and her children greeted me and I couldn’t help noticing how bright-eyed they all were having spent most of their day outdoors as compared to my children who had spent much of the morning on their phones! Free-range eggs are produced from birds that are permitted outdoors, as opposed to battery birds that are reared in cages. Fiona’s h

Reclaim your brain

Yesterday, I was very fortunate to attend the "Reclaim your brain" conference with world-class speakers Professor Robert Lustig, neuroendocrinologist and known for speaking out against sugar, Professor Michael Crawford, Imperial College and Director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, and Professor David Smith, Department of Pharmacology at University of Oxford. Both the rise in mental health problems in children, teenagers and adults, and the massive increase in cognitive decline in the last 100 years were discussed. Much evidence was shown to demonstrate the efficacy of nutrition and lifestyle interventions in managing these sorts of conditions, and to show the associa

ME Awareness Week

This week is ME awareness week. ME stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis and is a multi-faceted neurological condition, with the main symptoms being unexplained pain and fatigue. People who have been diagnosed with this condition may have been told that there is no cure, that it’s all in their heads and to accept and live with the condition. ​ ME is a complex chronic health problem which takes time to unravel and get to the root cause, in order to become well again. Nutrition and lifestyle interventions have been used successfully by people all over the world to help them improve their quality of life and even recover from chronic exhaustive conditions, like ME. As well as nutritional support

Give us a quiche!

I love quiche, but all that pastry and cream does not make a traditional quiche such a healthy option, so I did a little experiment this week to give quiche a nutritional boost! I must be perfectly honest with you that this was not one of my usual quick and simple suppers. It was a little fiddly and with a few stages, however the result was really delicious and enjoyed by all. The first stage was to make the quiche case. Traditional pastry cases are made from white flour and butter, so instead I used sliced potato rounds. I cut them quite thin and lined the ramekin dishes with them as shown. I put two slices at the bottom of each dish to make it a little thicker. I baked these in a moderate