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Quick green pasta

Many people have got more time to spend in the kitchen right now, but spare a thought for the many that don't! I have discovered that there are two broad categories of people at the moment: those that are not working and have got bags of spare time, and those that are still working, trying to homeschool, do errands for shielding relatives and additional housework. Of course, many people fall somewhere between these two. For those that are time-poor at the moment, here is a quick sauce that I made to turn a pasta supper into a nutrition-packed dish. I based it on a recipe from Deliciously Ella and this meal fed my family of five. Boil a 500g packet of pasta (I used wholegrain pasta) according

Lockdown lunches

Even with a slight relaxing of the lockdown restrictions, most of us will be still be based at home. This means that we are still eating all of our meals in the same place, which is unusual, as normally most households have some members eating lunch at work or school on weekdays. Many people feel that they are spending more time in the kitchen than ever! So here are some healthy lunches to serve to a hungry family that are quick to prepare and won’t leave you with kitchen fatigue: Pitta pizzas – give each person a wholemeal pitta, spread with some tomato passata and then let each person decorate their pizza with their toppings of choice. Some ideas are: olives, sweetcorn, pepper, cherry toma

Food shopping made simple

During this lockdown, for the most part I have found it relatively easy to find the things I need in the shops. I have changed my way of shopping from a large grocery delivery once a week to several trips to smaller local stores, and have been pleased to find that generally I have been able to continue making my usual meals, with the odd substitution here or there. However, I know that for many people their reality is different. For many people who are shielding at home and not able to get out, relying on the kindness of family or neighbours, it is not possible to get all your usual groceries, so in this piece I have listed healthy foods that are relatively cheap, nutritious and widely avail