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Keeping sane in isolation

With lockdown in place and with it being slightly trickier to navigate a food shop, let alone get an online delivery, we are all having to manage with far fewer ingredients. If you are following a particular diet plan or have food allergies or sensitivities, getting hold of the right foods can be a source of anxiety. Cooking for a family might take a bit more thought than usual. In the current situation, we all need to be a little bit kinder to ourselves and not get stressed about following the perfect diet, but rather making do with what we have because sometimes what we can manage to do is good enough. Worrying about getting the perfect supplement, following the best exercise plan or servi

Consultations go virtual

Now that in-person consultations are prohibited by Government as part of the lockdown guidelines, I am continuing to support my clients via online consultations on a GDPR suitable medium such as Skype or Zoom. Online consultations are not regarded as "second best" and in the past I have conducted several such sessions with clients who live abroad. In the past week, I have consulted with several of my regulars using Zoom, and it has worked very well. The only thing I was unable to do was weigh my weight loss clients on my body composition analyser (i.e. my fancy scales), however with most people having a set of scales at home, I don't see this as a major barrier. So, in summary - it is busine

Eating in isolation

With many of us self-isolating, I have been making meals using the ingredients in my cupboards without needing to leave the house to buy extra items. After doing an inventory of my kitchen and finding half a pack of rice, some smoked salmon in the freezer and some seaweed (leftover from sushi we made back in December!!), I put together these yummy sushi bowls. Obviously one bowl per family member to avoid cross-contamination!! In this bowl, there is rice, smoked salmon, cucumber, carrot, a little avocado and some seaweed. It was garnished with what I thought were black and white sesame seeds, but when they poured out the packet, I realised I had garnished my sushi bowl with sesame and poppy

Drink your greens

The cold weather persists and there is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. And when it is bright green like this one, then you can be sure it is packed full of nutrients. I call this my green soup – original name, I know! There is no official recipe, because it is based on whatever green vegetables I have in my fridge or freezer at time of cooking. This one contained onions, broccoli, courgette and frozen peas. Another time I used leeks, spinach, celery and peas. The point is to get the family to eat their greens without actually chomping through them – and luckily, they all like soup! Green vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, including B-vitamins, Vitamin C,