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Bowled over

Have you noticed that food bowls are having a moment? At catered events, food outlets and on the internet, you can find a plethora of sushi bowls, chicken bowls, poke bowls... the list could go on. When I first heard of them, I felt a bit intimidated - it sounded very fancy. However, to my mind, all that a bowl comprises seems to be a mixture of different foods arranged very nicely in a bowl. This is perfect for the current lockdown situation, because when faced with a fridge full of seemingly unconnected food items, I just chop them up and arrange them nicely and voilà ..... a bowl! This salmon bowl evolved because I had two portions of salmon in the freezer (not enough for my family), some

Teenagers in the kitchen

One of the upsides of this lockdown situation is that some of my kids want to take it in turns to cook supper - and who's going to argue when this is what I was served last night? Chock full of nutrients including immune-supportive iron (mince beef and chickpeas), this Israeli-style hummus plate contains minced beef, chickpeas, mushrooms and salad served on a bed of home-made hummus. This healthy meal contains fibre (salad, mushrooms and chickpeas), protein (meat and chickpeas) as well as healthy fats (sesame used to make hummus). But most importantly.... five empty plates and five full tummies!