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Why should we reduce our sugar intake?

It is hard to get away from it these days – low sugar is everywhere, but why we are being told to reduce our sugar intake? Here’s 7 reasons why reducing sugar benefits your health: Sugar drives our insulin levels up – it’s the body’s way of packing those calories into cells for later use, but too much insulin release too many times a day is associated with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. In a cohort study of 310,819 participants, individuals in the highest quartile intake of sugar-sweetened beverages had a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes[1]. Sugar’s not great news if you are concerned about high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol either. In a systematic review, hi

This week is Sugar Awareness Week

To celebrate Sugar Awareness Week (30 Oct - 5 Nov), I am giving you 5 easy ways to cut down your sugar intake! 1. Use less processed foods. Sugar is added to many sauces, crackers, snacks and savoury products - things that you wouldn't expect to find sugar in. Read the labels and if it has to be processed, choose a variety where sugar is low down on the list of ingredients. Fill your larder with plenty of ingredients to make your own versions of products you usually buy. Although preparing your own is time-consuming, you can do large batches of home-made pasta sauce or soups and freeze. 2. Ditch the fizzy drinks. These are filled with sugar and other ingredients that give no nutritional bene

Being underweight - a problem for many

Most people assume that nutritional therapy is only for help with losing weight. Whilst weight loss is a popular reason for people to seek nutritional therapy, there are actually a whole range of symptoms and conditions that nutritional therapy can help with. Being underweight is an issue for many people. It can be difficult for people who struggle to keep weight on to ask for help. They very rarely get much sympathy. The most common response being “Lucky you - I wish I had a problem with being underweight” or “That’s easy! Just eat lots of crisps and cake”. As a nutritional therapist I will take a full medical history to see if there might be any biochemical imbalances that may be preventin

Who needs nutritional therapy?

The simple answer to this question is EVERYONE! Whether you are a teenager struggling to concentrate at school, an exhausted mother wanting to maintain energy levels, a man wanting to support his fertility or a peri-menopausal woman coping with hormonal swings, there is a nutrition solution for you. As a nutritional therapist, I will work with you to devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan that fits in with your lifestyle. I will spend time with you to evaluate which body systems need some extra support and make recommendations for foods which provide that support. I will also provide recipes and meal ideas to get you started. Whether you are a budding chef or have only 10 minutes to prepare

Launching Esther Donoff Nutrition

I am a registered nutritional therapist based in Edgware and working at The Natural Gateway Clinic in Borehamwood. Whether you are looking to support your health, help prevent the onset of chronic disease, increase your energy levels or manage stress, nutritional therapy can help set you on the path to optimum health. If you are unsure whether nutritional therapy is for you, please get in touch to arrange your free 15-minute telephone consultation.