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Being underweight - a problem for many

Most people assume that nutritional therapy is only for help with losing weight. Whilst weight loss is a popular reason for people to seek nutritional therapy, there are actually a whole range of symptoms and conditions that nutritional therapy can help with.

Being underweight is an issue for many people. It can be difficult for people who struggle to keep weight on to ask for help. They very rarely get much sympathy. The most common response being “Lucky you - I wish I had a problem with being underweight” or “That’s easy! Just eat lots of crisps and cake”.

As a nutritional therapist I will take a full medical history to see if there might be any biochemical imbalances that may be preventing you from gaining and maintaining weight. Together we will draw up a personalised nutrition plan that fits in with your lifestyle to encourage gradual healthy weight gain whilst supporting the body’s systems.

Often dramatic weight loss accompanies illness, for example, it is very common in clients with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy often have side effects which reduce the client’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. They may have very little appetite. I am sensitive to these difficulties and would develop a nutrition plan which delivers a hefty nutritional load to support the body’s immune system and help strengthen its detoxification and elimination pathways, which are so important in fighting cancer.

Nutritional therapy is not meant to replace primary medical care and I would correspond with your primary care providers to inform them of what nutrition and lifestyle recommendations have been made.

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