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This week is Sugar Awareness Week

To celebrate Sugar Awareness Week (30 Oct - 5 Nov), I am giving you 5 easy ways to cut down your sugar intake!

1. Use less processed foods. Sugar is added to many sauces, crackers, snacks and savoury products - things that you wouldn't expect to find sugar in. Read the labels and if it has to be processed, choose a variety where sugar is low down on the list of ingredients. Fill your larder with plenty of ingredients to make your own versions of products you usually buy. Although preparing your own is time-consuming, you can do large batches of home-made pasta sauce or soups and freeze.

2. Ditch the fizzy drinks. These are filled with sugar and other ingredients that give no nutritional benefit whatsoever. Instead, you can try flavouring water with slices of lemon or sprigs of mint!

3. Change your snack. Instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, have a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts. Some veggies dipped in peanut butter or houmous is very tasty and satisfying. Or why not make a sugar-free version of your favourite treat.

4. Swap your breakfast cereal. Breakfast cereals often have a very high sugar content. Instead try making porridge with jumbo oats and sweetening with berries and pomegranate seeds - you'll not only keep yourself feeling full until lunchtime but those berries are packed full of healthy antioxidants!

5. Change your yogurt. Yogurts are considered to be a healthy food but the sugar content in some varieties is pretty high. Instead look for varieties that have less sugar, such as Greek yogurt, fromage frais or natural yogurt. Check the labels.

Remember small changes can make a big difference, so go slowly and make one change at a time.

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