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Which of these three foods might help PMS?

The answer is all three of them!

Fatigue, bloating, breast tenderness, mood swings, acne, insomnia, food cravings - PMS can really make your life miserable for those few days every month.

PMS is different for every woman, and can even differ each month for the same woman, but it usually occurs at the same time each month in your menstrual cycle.

The causes of PMS are unclear – hormonal fluctuations produce symptoms in some women but not others. Genetics, weight, lifestyle and medications can all influence whether you suffer and your symptom severity.

As a registered nutritional therapist, I use a functional approach to understand the possible causes of your PMS. Together we will develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support optimal hormone metabolism and balance, and consequently the effects on all your body systems. I recognise that each person is an individual with unique requirements and we’ll take time together to work out personalised nutrition plans that work for you rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

I recommend evidence-based natural interventions to help alleviate your PMS symptoms, helping you to enjoy every day of the month.

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