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What am I eating today?

Here's a super-speedy, low-carb, nutrient-packed, colourful breakfast that takes less than 3 minutes to prepare.

Chop up some cucumber and tomato, add a hard-boiled egg, one small avocado and a dollop of houmous.

Some people are afraid of eating eggs, but they are a whole food containing vitamin K, biotin, thiamine, vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin D and protein. They also contain cholesterol, which is the thing that makes people most afraid of them, however dietary cholesterol has been shown to have little effect on blood cholesterol levels (1). In fact, we produce cholesterol in our livers as it is an essential building block for many hormones. Eggs are also a source of choline, a key component of many cell membranes and important for brain function.

Eggs are a low-cost, high-quality whole food, so enjoy your breakfast!

(1) Kratz, M., 2005. Dietary cholesterol, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Handb Exp Pharmacol, 2005 (170): 195-213

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