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Boost your soup

People come to see me for a whole range of health issues, but there is one piece of advice that is relevant for most of them, and that is to include more protein in their meals and snacks.

This can help to reduce the glycaemic impact of carbohydrate-based meals on blood sugar levels, which may be beneficial in weight loss and might be helpful in supporting thyroid hormones, adrenal health, chronic fatigue, stress and male and female health issues.

Protein does not need to be a piece of fish or meat (although it can be!). Protein can also be found in dairy products, poultry, soya, nuts, legumes, eggs and seeds.

Here are some easy ways to introduce protein into meals and snacks:

1. Add lentils to your soup. Here I have made a butternut squash soup and added some red lentils, which made a smooth, filling soup. You could also add some soya or almond milk at the end of cooking.

2. When you have the 11am munchies, reach for a handful of mixed nuts and seeds.

3. Spread slices of apple or pear with nut butter.

4, Sprinkle flaked almonds or chia seeds over your morning breakfast cereal or porridge.

5. If you're having a side salad, give it some added oomph with chickpeas, cooked green lentils or a hard-boiled egg.

Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple ones!

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