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"But I eat a good diet already!"

Many of us lack the basic raw materials (from food and drink) to function at our best. Intensive farming, pollution, stress, stimulants and an over-reliance on processed foods are just some of the reasons for us being deficient in vital nutrients.

As a result, we may start to feel sluggish, get energy slumps, headaches, cravings or poor digestion. If this is you, learning how to eat well can be vitally important knowledge. Some scientists believe that long-term, sub-optimal nutrition is a key factor in today’s epidemic of chronic disease.

Nutritional therapy is not only about the basics of healthy eating. Foods that are good for one person might not necessarily be good for another. Many of us feel that we are not in optimum health even though we are eating a “healthy” diet. If you suspect a medical condition, you should contact your GP, but sometimes symptoms may be exacerbated by exposure to toxins or because of factors like impaired digestion, hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalance or an overburdened immune system.

A nutritional therapist will work to identify any such potential imbalances that may be contributing to your specific health problems and will work with you to reach optimum health.

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