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Some very special clients

Running a private practice, my clients are usually (but not always) able to afford to buy fresh quality food and whatever supplements I might recommend them.

Since I have started volunteering one day a week at Camden Carer's Service (CCS), I've been truly humbled by my clients from there. The Nutrition Project at CCS offers one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations to full-time carers. I am part of a team of nutritional therapists that runs these sessions. Workshops, demonstrations and support groups are also part of the offerings from the health team at CCS.

I have been amazed by the willingness of my clients to make positive changes in their life, whilst clearly being under much pressure from the demands of full-time caring. The carers vary in age, some are still teenagers. Some have given up careers and homes to care for their loved-one.

All are very selfless, generous people, who, up until the time I see them, have put their own needs and wishes on a back-burner. They cope with huge stresses, including the physical burden of caring for another person, financial strains, lack of sleep, many medical appointments and running a household.

When I talk to them, they often under-play their role and put all the focus on the person they are caring for. Whatever recommendations I make for optimal health, they usually smile and say they will give it a go. Nothing is too much trouble!

I feel very privileged to be helping my CCS clients. They are lovely good-hearted people who did not choose their role in life, but have risen to the challenge, accepted their circumstances and make the best of life. They are an inspiration.

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