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Let's get personal

The media is full of wonderful new diets promising to help you shed those pounds, live forever and frolic in the fields well into your nineties. I am often asked what I think of all these fantastic claims. Nutrition is a vast field and the more I read and research, the more I realise that there is not one single correct diet for humans. Paleo, alkaline, keto, and low-carb …..they all make promises and for some people, they have literally been life-changing, but it is important to remember that what produces excellent results for one person may not work for you, or might not fit in with your lifestyle. Many of these miracle plans are not sustainable long-term either because they are not tasty, too laborious or expensive.

I approach each weight loss client as an individual, making different recommendations for each of them. I have not re-used a single nutrition plan for any of my clients. There may be similar elements amongst some of them, but each client has a different lifestyle, different medical and family histories. Some suffer with migraines; some have bloating, energy slumps or joint pains; some of them love spending hours in the kitchen; others need simple menus; some have families to cook for; some travel regularly; each one needs a bespoke plan.

I keep my client's goals in the front of my mind – not what I think their goal ought to be - and my attention and support of each person helps them stay focused. If something doesn’t work for a client, I offer them an alternative. And when they have a bad day, I motivate them to get back on track.

I educate my clients to have a healthy lifestyle, not just a short-term nutrition plan, because I firmly believe that long-term achievable healthy eating and lifestyle can help us all to achieve our goals and have healthy lifespans.

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