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Ready bready go!

Have you seen some bread in your local store that looks more like a hunk of meat loaf than something you want to put cream cheese on?

I bought some organic flax seed bread last week. It contains rye, flax seeds, sea salt and yeast. I am always happy to see a short list of ingredients on processed products, especially when I know what all the ingredients are! It comes with about 10 square slices in the packet and is not soft and well-risen like regular bread, but is closer in appearance to fruit loaf.

This bread has a much denser taste than regular bread and might not appeal to young children, unless they are quite adventurous. It has an interesting texture and a nutty taste.

As you can see from the picture, I enjoyed it spread with mashed avocado, humus, egg and some cut-up veg. It would also be nice cut into fingers and spread with peanut butter for an easy afternoon snack.

The point about this bread is it contains no additives or sugar. Flaxseed is not a grain but a seed and contains fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Because this bread contains whole rye and flax seeds, it is a good choice for people who love to eat bread, but want something that has a less profound effect on their blood sugar levels, making it a better choice for those wanting to help balance their blood sugar and manage their weight.

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