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While browsing the aisles of my local store, I came across a range of new products which looked both healthy and delicious, so I thought I’d give them a try. Nutural World has launched a new range of spreads made from dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Sugar and food additives are commonly found in so many spreads so I was excited to see this range made with high-quality ingredients. We all know that we need to cut back on sugar, but do we have to sacrifice taste in the process?

I tried the chocolate halva spread and the sesame and date spread. The spreads contain no added sugar or oils. The sesame and date spread just contains sesame, dates and vanilla. If you like tahina, you will love this spread, and the added sweetness from the dates gives a very unique taste.

The chocolate halva spread is very smooth and chocolate-y. The ground sesame seeds give it a great texture making it a very satisfactory substitute. If you are expecting the sickly sweetness of a sugar-packed chocolate spread, then you will be disappointed – this spread has got a much more sophisticated flavour.

Because they are made from high-quality ingredients, these spreads are more expensive than your usual chocolate and peanut butter spreads - I had to stop my son from smothering his toast as thickly as he usually does!

Dried fruit still contains natural sugars but with the protein and vitamins provided by the nuts and seeds, these spreads certainly provide a level of nutrition that other sweet spreads just cannot meet.

There are other nut butters and spreads in the range – next time I’m out shopping some pecan and figs spread might just fall into my basket!

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