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Great balls of protein

As a nutritional therapist, I keep an eye on the health food market to see what new products are available. As a kosher consumer, I get doubly excited when those new healthy products that I really want to try are kosher!!

Having made my own protein balls (not being able to find a supervised version in the shops) it was quite revolutionary for me to discover the Protein Ball Company and their range of healthy snacks. Five of the flavours are kosher: cherry and almond, goji and coconut, lemon and pistachio, peanut butter and jam, and raspberry brownie. All the flavours were delicious and made a very satisfying snack. My children preferred the raspberry brownie flavour, whereas I favoured the tangy lemon and pistachio variety. But we all agreed that it was nice to have a healthy snack that came from a shop – I think my kids felt it gave them an air of coolness rather than having Mum’s home-made stuff!

I was particularly delighted to see that the ingredients are all natural and gluten-free. They contain protein powder, which together with the nuts and seeds, provide added nutritional value and help to balance blood sugar levels. Another plus point is that they are made right here in the UK, so there’s less food miles involved - good for the health of the planet as well as your body.

What I really liked about these protein balls is that instead of one large protein ball, you get six little ones, so the snack lasts that bit longer and you feel that you are having a more substantial treat.

The one downside of these tasty treats is that they all contain nuts, so they cannot be used as a school snack if your child’s school does not allow. However, they are very portable, so are ideal to keep in your handbag, in the car, to take on outings or to work.

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