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Can you go on holiday from your diet?

It's holiday season and many of my clients are going off for their annual break. Holidays can be wonderful opportunities to see different places, recharge the batteries, spend time with loved ones and try new experiences. All of these can be incredibly beneficial for one's mental health, however new places can be nerve-racking if you are following a nutrition plan, or working towards a health goal.

Hotels may be able to cater for individual requirements, but it can be stressful trying to find specific foods when the shops or even the local language are unfamiliar.

It is important to get a balance of not undoing the progress you might have made on a nutrition plan, and also not getting overly stressed about exactly sticking to a plan when you do not have access to your own kitchen and the brands you know.

When you are away on unfamiliar territory, aim to make good choices, but also to remember that part of a holiday is breaking with routine and treating yourself. It is far more important to eat right the other 50 weeks of the year, than to worry excessively over your 2 week summer holiday.

I generally tell my clients to try their best when on holiday - choose wisely at the hotel buffet but enjoy the local cuisine. Stay hydrated - aim to do some enjoyable exercise like walking, swimming or even try a new sport - enjoy the downtime and the chance to reinvigorate yourself. These may be just as important to your health as eating the right foods.

If being on holiday means having an ice-cream - then have one, and if you're going to have one, do not waste a single second feeling bad about it! Guilt is a wasteful emotion - savour the taste of it and the pleasure it gives you. But, remember that moderation is key, and a balanced approach is best.

Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing this summer, enjoy your precious time!

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