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Holiday inspiration

Holidays are a fantastic opportunity to see new places, try new things, relax and spend time with the family. They are also a chance to be a bit more lax about food, drink, sleep and exercise. Following my own advice (see post 30 July 2018), I have definitely been indulging whilst on holiday – late nights, lazing by the pool, pasta with creamy sauces, red wine and ice-cream all featured during the past week!

However rather than feeling remorseful and despondent, I feel recharged and relaxed. For me, it’s more important to worry about what I’m eating when I’m at home, so I feel fine about indulging a little whilst away.

And I have also come back feeling inspired by some of the foods I have seen whilst away. What I particularly enjoyed was choosing from the array of locally grown produce in the supermarket, and sampling local wine, cheese, honey and olive oil. I met locals who make dishes from the ingredients grown in their own gardens, and when they have an excess of produce, they pickle it, make it into jam or dry it out. It has certainly made me feel like being even more experimental with my own cooking, and perhaps trying out some new ideas in the kitchen.

So, once I’ve done my laundry and opened all my post, I’ll be googling for dehydrators, preserving jars and local honey makers, as well as thinking about trying to recreate the delicious pear, walnut and cheese salad that my kids really liked when we ate out one night (yes, they really did!!). After all, aren’t holidays also meant to inspire and educate?

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