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Another simple supper

Carrying on with my new found passion for sheet pan cooking, here is another very simple but nutritious supper that I made using the same method I described in the last blog.

Once again, I started the process 1.5 hours before I wanted to serve the meal. For the first 45 minutes, chunks of sweet potato, parsnip and carrot baked on the tray. Then, I added the red onion and courgettes (this was about 45 minutes before the meal).

At 15 minutes before serving, I added cubes of fresh tuna. In another pan (yes, sorry I did use one saucepan this time!) I sautéed some spinach leaves in the water that was still clinging to their leaves, then I added the wilted spinach and some plum tomatoes to the sheet pan, flavoured the whole thing with tarragon, black pepper and lemon juice, and that was it!!!

Tomatoes are not a vegetable I usually roast, but they added a whole new dimension of taste to the dish - definitely something to be repeated.

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