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Something for the kids......

This week, I have been getting feedback on my first set of menus for a local nursery, which provides all day childcare for babies and children up to the age of five.

It has been a long time since I have had to consider the needs of little kids, but it has been fun putting together these menus and balancing the nutritional breakdown so that all children (including vegetarians and vegans) are getting a healthy balanced diet whilst enjoying what they are eating.

As well as producing a healthy menu, practicalities such as the number of hours the chef has to prepare, capacity of the ovens and the days that different foods are delivered all have to be considered.

So, I have learnt that cakes are preferable to muffins, stews are easier to prepare than meatballs (it takes time to roll 200 little balls), soups are good way to get veg in kids (but I knew that already!) and a quick side salad is never quick when it's for 120 people!

Hopefully my second set of menus in three months time will not have so many changes.

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