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You're worth it!

Why is it that parents will cook a healthy meal for their family but won’t take the time to prepare something just for themselves? Clients often tell me that they only cook a good meal if they have got someone else to cook for. If they are on their own, they might just have a sandwich or open a tin of soup. I have noticed this is a common thing amongst my friends too – they will prepare a tasty packed lunch for their kids, but might not bother with lunch for themselves or just have a couple of crackers and cheese.

You are worth preparing some food for! Your nourishment is just as important as your child’s! You deserve to eat well too!

Yes, I know you are busy but actually with some pre-prepared items in the fridge, putting together a healthy meal for one can take minutes.

Here are some lunches I have made just for myself (Yes, I really did!).

I like to make sure that I have a stock of tinned mackerel/sardines, some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, and things that are ready to eat like cottage cheese, humus, avocados and cherry tomatoes. Them I just have to open pots, tins and tubs, and maybe slice an avocado open or peel an egg – nothing more complicated than that. A sprinkle of seeds and I have a healthy lunch just for me! (To quote a well-known brand of hair product): Because I’m worth it!!!!!

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