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Give us a quiche!

I love quiche, but all that pastry and cream does not make a traditional quiche such a healthy option, so I did a little experiment this week to give quiche a nutritional boost! I must be perfectly honest with you that this was not one of my usual quick and simple suppers. It was a little fiddly and with a few stages, however the result was really delicious and enjoyed by all.

The first stage was to make the quiche case. Traditional pastry cases are made from white flour and butter, so instead I used sliced potato rounds. I cut them quite thin and lined the ramekin dishes with them as shown. I put two slices at the bottom of each dish to make it a little thicker. I baked these in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes till soft enough to put a knife in easily.

While they were in the oven, I sautéed some red onions to use as my quiche filling. You could actually substitute this with any filling: tomatoes, leftover fish, mushrooms. One of my kids wanted some olives in their quiche so I popped a couple of olives on top of their quiche!

In a separate bowl, I whisked eggs with some natural yogurt - one egg per ramekin dish. I seasoned this mixture with salt and pepper. You could also make this in a large quiche dish - it might even be easier to arrange the potato slices!

Once the potato cases were done, I put some red onions in each dish and poured the egg mixture on top. Then they went back in the oven to bake for about 25 minutes. My kids eyed this suspiciously. "What have you put in these?" they said, as I am often hiding veg in their supper. They all really enjoyed them - definitely one to repeat, but perhaps on an evening when I have a little more time!

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