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Don't get left behind!

We often share a meal with extended family or friends and from time to time, I'm left with a few portions of roast chicken. With the added problem that some members of my household do not like eating leftovers, so I have to make the leftover chicken look like something completely new!

Today, I used four portions of leftover chicken to make this crunchy salad. You can use whatever salad vegetables you have in the fridge, but I used a head of celery and a yellow pepper.

I chopped the vegetables up, cubed the roast chicken and mixed them together in a bowl. Then I made a quick dressing by mixing 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise with some lemon juice and seasoning. I stirred the dressing into the chicken and vegetables and on this occasion I arranged the whole thing on a bed of salad leaves.

This dish can be personalised to take your family’s preferences into consideration. You could add chopped olives and tomatoes to the chicken and add some pesto sauce to the mayonnaise for an Italian chicken salad. Or how about adding chopped mango and celery, with a teaspoon of curry powder stirred into the dressing for an Indian-style dish.

This is great way to make a quick dish that uses up foods you already have and provides a nutritious meal.

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