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A cream come true

If you think dairy ice-cream is always unhealthy, take a look at this.

I made this orange froyo this morning using 1kg of natural yogurt, 4 oranges and a couple of tablespoons of xylitol. This dessert is therefore crammed full of calcium, protein, vitamin C and potassium. There's even a little fibre in it on account that I used the whole orange rather than the juice!

I peeled the oranges and blitzed the flesh to a pulp. I mixed it with the natural yogurt and poured the whole lot into my ice-cream maker and set it going for 20 minutes. Towards the end of the time, I tasted it and thought it needed a little extra sweetness, so I added the xylitol. I have made this frozen yogurt before with strawberries and have not added any sweetener at all.

If you don't have an ice-cream maker, you could use a regular mixer and then freeze the mixture.

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