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Gimme a quiche

Quiche is probably not the first food that come to mind when you think of healthy foods. After all, it contains white flour, butter and cream. But it makes a great summer meal and is perfect for picnics, so yesterday I upgraded the standard quiche recipe with some healthy swaps.

I made my crust my mixing spelt flour (about 300g), ground flaxseeds (about 4 tbsp) and oatmeal (about 100g). Instead of butter, I used olive oil, and water to bind the dough. I know you want exact quantities but I didn't use them. My mother was watching me as I made the dough and she too was aghast that I wasn't following a recipe! But I just threw the dry ingredients into a bowl and added about 4 tablespoons of olive oil and enough water to bind the dough. I made 3 quiche cases out of this dough.

The quiche crust came out very crispy with the oatmeal and flaxseeds gave it a rustic texture.

I took inspiration from Italy for my quiche filling, using thinly sliced mushrooms (which I didn't pre-cook), halved baby plum tomatoes, sliced olives (only on half the quiche as I don't like them!) and basil leaves.

I used a regular cream and egg filling, as I figured that without butter, this dish was already low in saturated fats, and I could afford to add some.

This was a big hit at dinner last night with the remaining 2 quiches going into my freezer for another day.

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