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Busy busy busy

What a lot I have to do today! Paperwork, errands, housework. It would be very easy for me to keep going all day just grazing on crackers, fruit and whatever else I find lying around and not eat a proper meal.

Instead, I have taken 10 minutes out of my morning to throw together items from my fridge and sit down and eat them at the table.

A handful of spinach, some cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, a hard-boiled egg (I always have some of these in the fridge) and a dollop of hummus.

This literally took 1 minute to pop in the bowl and then I could sit down and enjoy it.

Many people might take this bowl and eat it whilst on the go, a mouthful here and mouthful there, but I always sit down to eat at a table, and recommend my clients do the same.

Sitting down and concentrating on your food makes eating more enjoyable. You feel satisfied that you have actually eaten something, rather than forgetting if you have eaten or not!

For people with digestive complaints, it may be beneficial to sit down and eat slowly, chewing every mouthful well. Chewing is the first stage in the digestive process and rushing your food may cause indigestion and incomplete absorption of nutrients. If you have prepared something nutritious to eat, you want to get every last bit of goodness from it!

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