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Eating in isolation

With many of us self-isolating, I have been making meals using the ingredients in my cupboards without needing to leave the house to buy extra items.

After doing an inventory of my kitchen and finding half a pack of rice, some smoked salmon in the freezer and some seaweed (leftover from sushi we made back in December!!), I put together these yummy sushi bowls. Obviously one bowl per family member to avoid cross-contamination!!

In this bowl, there is rice, smoked salmon, cucumber, carrot, a little avocado and some seaweed. It was garnished with what I thought were black and white sesame seeds, but when they poured out the packet, I realised I had garnished my sushi bowl with sesame and poppy seeds instead (like challa!! – oh well!) You can replace any of the ingredients you don’t have with what things you have at home.

After the photo was taken, soy sauce and a little vinegar were poured on and the whole thing mixed well. It was a supper that the whole family enjoyed!

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