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What will you pick for your picnic?

Summer holidays beckon and this summer I intend to take advantage of the beautiful British countryside – it’s free and it’s safer than indoor venues at the moment.

Every great day out needs a healthy picnic that is easy to assemble and transport. Enter the niçoise salad – a filling meal containing all the macronutrients to keep everyone satisfied until it’s time for an ice-pop!

A niçoise salad contains cooked new potatoes, green beans and hard-boiled eggs. These could be prepared the night before the picnic to save on the morning rush. All the other ingredients can be prepared on the day – tuna, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, grated carrot and sweetcorn.

The salad in the picture has been arranged on a platter to serve at home, however on other occasions I have also packed this salad into individual lunchboxes to take on a picnic. A simple salad dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and salt can also be taken along in little screw top containers.

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